Travel Posts

Like many writers, I find travel a constant source of inspiration.  I very rarely travel anywhere without getting ideas for stories, plots, characters and locations.  My time abroad usually ends up being much more hectic than staying at home.  To be honest, I wouldn’t want any other way. Being a writer is not a nine-to-five job, it’s a way of life.  Here are my most popular travel posts, and how they inspire me to write:


Sails Ahoy! the Magic of Sailing Ships


The Falls of Shin, Scotland

Rest in Peace – Mortality Stones in Dornoch Cathedral

Don’t Slam the door – the Ghost in Dornoch Cathedral, Scotland


Llandudno Pier, where the ocean meets the shore


Mouse Island in Corfu – small but perfectly formed

Powerful yet Vulnerable – the statues of Achilles in the Achilleon, Corfu

Sacred Groves: the Secret Power of Trees

The Temple of Apollo, Corfu

Leaping Over Flames – the tradition of jumping over fires in Corfu

Running Away from Me – Edward Lear in Corfu

The Achilleion – a true fairytale palace

Fragile Heroes – butterflies and other sights on Corfu


Staithes, the perfect writer’s hideaway

Walking Along The Wall, a visit to Chester’s city walls

Segedunum, a Roman Fort in Britain


A Visit to the Silent City of Mdina in Malta

Hooked – on the streets of Valletta. Every object tells a story in this handsome city


Sitting with Griffins – the mystery of the throne room at Knossos

In Search of Pirate Islands, a visit to Spinalonga in Crete


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