Fairytales & Folklore

I’m always being asked if I know a story about this and that, or emailed by students wanting to know more about  a particular subject from the world of folklore and fairytales. Here are my posts about folklore so far.

Song of the Swallow – a legend about Good Friday

Hosanna, Heysanna – legends about Palm Sunday

Follow the Swallow – swallows in myth and legend

Halloween Cats

Pumpkin Jack, unlikely Halloween Hero

Baba Yaga, Halloween Witch

Eight-Legged Lore – spiders in myth and legend

Watch out, here comes Rumplestiltskin

Turned to Stone – legends where people and animals are petrified

Brazilia Carnaval – stories from the Amazon

Climbing The Beanstalk – the meaning of Jack and the Beanstalk

Have Yourself A Giant Christmas – giants in stories from around the world

The Fox in Folklore

Follow That Mouse – mice in folklore

Kissing Frogs – The role of the frog in fairy tales

If You Go to the Bluebell Woods Tonight – Bluebells in fairytales

Dancing with Sleeping Beauty – all about the fairytale and its variants

Every Stone Tells a Story – legends about Standing Stones

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm – a review of the famous Cinerama film

Cracking the Nutcracker – about adapting the Nutcracker for a book

All At Sea, two legends about the ocean

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