Author Interviews thinks that the journey a work of art makes from conception to fruition is an adventure often as exciting as the work itself.  Be it a book, painting, a piece of music, film or culinary treat, everything starts with one idea in one person’s head. The rest of the journey is a collaborative process that involves many talented people.  We aim to celebrate that process by interviewing artists, writers, editors and other people who we think are producing exciting projects that push the envelope and enrich people’s lives.  Also included in this list are posts about authors and artists from the past whose work we find inspiring.

Here are the interviews we’ve done so far:


Walking in Dreams, an interview with Jackie Morris



Clashing Swords – an interview with Tony Bradman

Trying Out A Fast-Paced Six Shooter – an interview with Caroline Lawrence

Reach For The Stars – in conversation with James Mayhew.

Ron Stenberg, artist with the diamond touch

Lashings of ginger beer – revisiting Enid Blyton

East of the Sun, celebrating the work of Kay Nielsen


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