I am a children’s author based in the UK.  Originally from the small island of Malta in the Mediterranean, I grew up speaking three languages:  English, Maltese and Italian.  I have always wanted to be a writer, but I had several jobs in Malta before I left for England to pursue my ambition.  I was a chef, a part-time teacher and a postman, until I got bitten in the leg by a pregnant Alsation. I have a large tattoo on my left leg to hide the scar.

In England, I lived in London and Brighton before moving to the small village of Saltaire in West Yorkshire.  It’s the perfect place to live in, full of people like me who are happy to put up with all sorts of regulations because they enjoy being part of a world-heritage site.  The village is on the outskirts of Bradford, which has the wonderful National Media Museum where I spend a lot of time watching films and writing on my ipad.

me with my elder brother Joe

Before my career took off, I used to work as a storyteller for the Commonwealth Institute in London which, sadly, is no more.  I wasn’t actually there most of the time, though; I was visiting schools around the country.  It was the perfect training for a would-be writer. The kids were the best critics ever, and I am still in touch with a few of them, even though they are now grown up and have their own kids to try out stories on.

I have written all sorts of books, from novelty  titles aimed at toddlers to short novels.  My most successful projects, though, are my own takes on myths and legends.  I was brought up on this kind of stuff, and I still love it more than any other kind of story.  I have also written material for Teletubbies, Channel 5’s Milkshake and some Disney educational programmes.  I still love visiting schools when i have the time, although the projects I am taking on now demand weeks and weeks of writing at a time.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  I’m not sure how it will pan out, but it’s the start of a new journey!


9 responses to “About

  1. ever so happy to have “met” you ivia the little youtube conversation! Thank you so much for taking the time to hop over to my blog…so here i am…reading reading reading!!! Must admit, didn’t know your books up to now…well…i suppose being honest is better than saying something meaningless politely! i will have more time to go through your blog tomorrow..and am already very much looking forward to that! Loved the “Saint” story with your mother ( mine would have said the same i think! :)….pirates and Corfu…will get back to you withsome stories tomorrow! Best wishes from Athens, Anne

    • Hi Anne, thanks for such a lovely comment. Believe it or not, I now seem to be getting quite a lot of books published by Patakis Press in Greece. I’m going to have a Greek page on my website. I really like your blog too, in fact I am now following it.

      • now THAT is interesting! if any help is needed with Greek…please let me know! would be happy to help. Patakis is one of the biggest here, i know. The “crisis” here might affect all aspects of life, but Greeks will always put their childrens’ needs in first place, including books!!!
        O, am really flattered by all interest in my blog….due to the heat here, i am a bit “out of ideas” right now…but that will change !!

      • Ooh, thanks. Very kind of you. I might ask you to translate the page from English to Greece for me, so Greek kids can understand it. My latest series, First Greek Myths, came out when the crisis had already started but they’re doing very well.

  2. let me know…would be great to be of some help. i am sure…we will stay in touch anyway!!!! Sorry for not replying earlier…but there is just one pc here which all family uses…and my youngest (26) had to do some downloading….Best Greetings , Anne

  3. Amy

    At which restaurant were you a chef

    • Hi Amy. I was head chef at Maxwell’s, a Canadian restaurant on Hampstead High Street in London. We also had branches in Covent Garden and Oxford. I got to sub in the Covent Garden once and Liz Taylor came in with friends. The place closed down a couple of years go.

  4. marie therese pirotta

    Hi dear SAviour.
    I really liked your Blog and your article about your passionate love for Piers. The girls enjoy reading your articles If and when in Malta drop by. We live close to Selmun. Another wonderful gem in Malta.
    All our love
    The pirotta girls xxx by th we we added anotheer kitten to the family. We named him Joey. So that makes us with four cats and a labrador. Peace and Blessings. Xxx

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