Book Review – I AM CAT, by Jackie Morris

British and Australian cover

I am cat. At night I prowl, but in the day I sleep, curled in warm places, ammonite tight. And when I sleep I dream……

More than any other animal, cats have always featured largely in children’s literature. They’ve appeared in every genre, from board books to poetry to YA fantasy novels. Now author and illustrator  Jackie Morris adds another gem to the literary  treasure chest, giving us a book that is sure to be a hit with cat lovers of every age.

Here is the story, or should I say dreamscape, of a domestic cat, ginger as syrup, who curls up to sleep on a multicoloured cushion by the fire.  In her dreams she becomes other cats: big, wild, fearless felines,  roaming vast landscapes around the world.  In the twitch of a closed eye she turns from jaguar to snow leopard to Scottish wildcat, and she takes us with her on a journey of cat discovery and appreciation.

Morris’ text is lyrical and begs to be read out aloud. Her artwork manages to be vibrant and gentle at the same time.  This is an artist who loves and knows moggies well.  Every cat in the book has her own personality. The habitats form luscious backdrops.  You want to linger on every page. But of course, this book isn’t just about cats.  It’s about dreamers of every size and species, and about the creative power of dreams.

A double page spread at the end of the book gives us more information about the felines featured.   This is the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers anywhere.  Miaow!

Meet the snow leopard

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